Welcome to the SunKnights website!  It is mostly a member-only site, but here you can find the old TugBoat UT2004 Themed Map Packs, for example:

  • WahIslands
    • A map pack based on islands including the famous TopGun Map.
  • DeadCities
  • BigMut
    • The best for last, 16 of the coolest mutators available for UT2004!

Not much ever changes around here!

Enjoy your stay!

The SunKnights Clan.

Latest News

17-12-13 14:49

Mumble Channel Viewer Back up

The Mumble server is now hosted with Clanwarz and it comes with a gametracker. [more...]

11-11-12 17:03

Mumble Channel Viewer Down

The mumble channel viewer will be down until I get some time to move the site to a new server that supports PHP 5.3 and SQLite3. [more...]

22-06-12 13:21

Updated Photo Gallery (again) and Eyes Frag Fest

The photo gallery has the latest Gallery plugin and looks pretty sweet. Most of us are going to the Eyes Frag Fest this coming August instead of Fragapoolza! [more...]

04-10-11 22:56

Fixed Photo gallery

After the recent server upgrade, the old photo gallery plugin was borked. No longer and now with cool jQuery lightboxes. [more...]

06-07-11 00:28

Typo3 Upgraded and Fragapalooza

Looks like we are going to Frag again this year, yah! [more...]


Only the last four news items are shown, the rest are archived.


The SunKnights gaming clan is based out of Edmonton, Canada and plays Lord of the Rings Online mixed with other games like FPS and other MMOs. Our clan plays on Sunday Nights, hence the name "SunKnights", which can also be read as "Sunk Nights".