About Us
(D&D Days - left to right Eyes, Ice, Fishman and Biogeek - click to enlarge, click to close.)
(Old group picture from UT2003 - click to enlarge, click to close.)

The history of SunKnights goes back almost thirty years to a group of neighborhood kids living in Devon, a community outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. On a regular basis they would get together and play the old D&D board games and survive the night on chips and pop. That group, which consisted of Ice, Fishman, BioGeek, Mr. Eyes, Silica, Clobber and others, eventually went on to higher education, but continued to play. Other members came and went and along the way they picked up Macgyver and then me, TugBoat.  Our monikers are chosen based on our professions, for example, Mr. Eyes runs an optometrist shop, Silica is a professional glass blower, BioGeek a biology professor and Clobber, well, a electrical engineer.  The picture in the top right contains some of the regular players and Ice is taking the picture.

Depending on which game is out, that is what we play, from NeverWinter Nights, World of Warcraft, to Unreal Tournament with a focus on First Person Shooters (FPS) and Role-playing.

The group was originally called "Gamers" simply because we needed to call the email list something. The name "SunKnights" came into existance because, with our busy schedules, it was usually only on Sunday nights that we found time to play.  You might see us online with [SunK] after our name.

Play hard, TugBoat.

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