TugBoat Packs

The TugBoat UT2004 Themed Map Packs are collections of maps that have a similar theme, for example, all island based maps are in one, city maps in another, etc.

Below are download links:

These map packs have the following features:

  • Uses a custom NSIS installer which has a number of benefits over the UT2004 umod installer:
    • Uses LZMA compression
      • For example, the WahIslands map pack, compresses 12 maps from 251 megs to 47megs!
    • Builds an uninstaller - Don't like the maps/mutators? Uninstall them.
  • Includes an HTML Readme which has:
    • Screenshots of all the maps and/or mutators where applicable, plus builder's name and version.
    • A quick review of the maps, pointing out neat features
    • Concise instructions for using the mutators/skins when running a server
  • These maps and the mappack installer are throughly tested by our local Gamers clan both locally and via a server. All the included files and the NSIS installer have been virus scanned.

Here you can find download links and screenshots of all the TugBoat map packs.